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On the limit!!

October 2, 2011

Stroud, England – 2-4-6-8 motorway…

Whizzkid sitting pretty on your two-wheel stallion – wow doing 80mph instead of 70 mph on motorways grrreat.

This week UK Transport Secretary Philip Hammond announced his intention to issue a consultation on increasing the speed limit on motorways in England and Wales from its current 70mph to 80mph.

The ensuing media fest of well paid pundits, in equal numbers, both supporting and dissing out Hammond has been hugely entertaining. As are the quotes emanating from Hammond himself. According to Phil increasing the motorway speed limit will: “put Britain back in the fast lane of global economies” and “generate economic benefits”. Well if that’s the case Phil why don’t we stick it up to a 100mph to really get the global economy back on its feet. We have obviously discovered why Germany is the economic powerhouse of Europe i.e. about thirty percent of its Autobahns don’t have speed limits.

However its Phil’s quote relating to speeding on motorways that’s the clincher fun wise. According to the Department for Transport around  fifty percent of drivers flout the current 70mph limit. The Transport Secretary’s response: “What we are doing here, is bringing a lot of drivers who currently, routinely break the speed limit, back on the right side of the law – and that has to be a good thing.” That’s right folks if people break the law don’t improve enforcement simple revise the law so they do not break it. My e-mail to Home Secretary Theresa May suggesting that we solve our gun crime issues by simple changing the law to let us all tote some iron is of course already on its way!

Has Mr Hammond got an ulterior motive? Is there a secret agenda here?  Perhaps the answer to that is hidden in the promise to better enforce the proposed  80mph limit. Will we be seeing average speed camera systems installed on our motorway network, what better way to generate income. Tis but a short step from there, software wise, to a charging system for motorway usage. Is the introduction of an 80mph limit merely a stalking horse for road charging?

I await the outcome of this one with more than my usual interest.

Meantime enjoy Tom Robinson…



Ride it!

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  1. Teapot permalink
    October 3, 2011 11:47 am

    Cycle lobbyists in Cambridge used the fact that many cyclists were riding up one way streets the wrong way without dying to get access to suitable ones allowed by the Council, the same as bringing those 80mph law breakers back to legality. Funnily enough, the Council declined to use the same reasoning for motorcyclists using bus lanes to get past the queuing cagers.

    The thing that’s worrying me about this issue is the proposed increase in 20 mph zones. I’ve already seen this applied to some routes that ought to stay as 30 zones, simply because it makes the signage simpler. It may all sound nice and safe on paper, but try riding at exactly 20mph next time you’re out – you’ll by overtaken by lycra louts!


  1. El Camino – The Road

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