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Crisis, what crisis??

September 18, 2011

Sidmouth, England – It happened again this week.

I’m sitting in a café engaged in my usually morning fitness routine, well you simple have to have one these days. Ok to the casual observer it looks like I’m enjoying a full English, drinking tea and reading a paper but in fact I getting in touch withy my inner self. I’m getting centred in preparation for another day in the saddle.

The café was only partly full. Sitting a few tables away were a couple whose conversation I could hear clearly. They must have noticed the bike parked outside as the topic of the day was biking and bikers. I won’t bore you with the detail but the core of the conversation seemed to be revolving around the mid-life crisis I was having.

Obviously the bloke had said something about getting a bike and his partner had err reservations. Perhaps the thought of spending summer Sundays roaring around the countryside, as a pillion, clad in tight-fitting leather with her knees up around her crotch didn’t appeal. Evidently she had played the mid-life crisis card and I was having one.

I considered my options. I could leave. I could order another cup of tea. I could join the conversation. That last one seemed attractive. I could shoot them a nice line. I’d be a semi retired business person with a flavour of military service, special ops. I’d divorced my middle age wife and brought a very large motorcycle. On one of my many trips abroad I had met a hot twenty-three year old Rumanian chick who really enjoyed wearing tight-fitting leather and riding around, pillion, with her knees up around her crotch.

On the basis that it was getting pretty warm in the café, or was it the thought of Rumanian chicks that made it seem hot, I decided to pay and leave. However I simple couldn’t resist gunning the BM’s engine, to make sure Mrs mid-life crisis was looking, before leaving parking area with a wheel spinning flourish and a wave. Ahh some days are just so much fun!

So why is it assumed that every forty-five year old bloke on a bike is having a mid-life crisis.

Well in a week when the media has accused David Beckham, pictured riding a fantastic custom 93 Knucklehead built by the Garage Company, of having one ish. When Billy “ the biker” Connelly starts the run of his Route 66 trip on a trike on prime time TV. When the Hairy Bikers, funny they were not hairy or bikers when I first met them, go to air with yet another cooking show. This time with a political flavour i.e. lets reinstate the Meals on Wheels Service. Nice idea boys but in eighteen months you will have moved on and the Meals on Wheels Service won’t have been reinstated. It’s not really surprising that people jump to conclusions about bikers, beards and mid-life crisis.

The moral of this tale. Well simple don’t assume anything about bikers and mid-life crisis. I’m just out there trying to earn a euro and my whole like is a crisis.

Ride safe, have fun!

© Back Roads Rider 2011

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  1. JCT permalink
    October 3, 2011 2:11 am

    Good to see more motorcycle related posts. Keep it up.


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