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Vote Yes to AV….

May 5, 2011


Okehampton, England –  Its Thursday May 5 2011….

In the UK its Referendum on electoral reform time.

You may not agree with the following, that’s fine it’s just my opinion, but if you are registered to vote do get out and vote. It’s a right hard won and protected for you by people who were prepared to put their arses on the line and in many cases make the ultimate sacrifice for doing so.

Unless you have been “off planet” for the last few weeks you surely will not have missed the argument and counter claims involved in the “Yes” “No” too proportional representation (PR) debate.

Its been nothing if not entertaining with everything from Hitler being elected by PR to allegations that PR will lead to politicians doing “dirty deals” behind closed doors, of course they don’t do that now do they, being thrown into boiling cauldron of discussion. I’ve particularly enjoyed listening to the justifications, from politicians of both main parties, that its fine that my father, grandfather and great-grandfather represented the people of this constituency. It would seem that perceived birthright, a network of cronies and plenty of cash can still get you into the UK Parliament.

Thus it is hardly surprising that at some recent elections only one in three people who are eligible to vote have actually done so. Apathy appears to rule, with an often heard excuse being, “why bother my vote never seems to count or make a difference”.

Well with the chosen system of PR being proposed the Alternative Vote (AV) your vote may just make that difference. I’m not silly enough to claim that AV is perfect it’s not. However if it is good enough to used by UK Members of Parliament s to elect the chairs of select committees, to elect the Speaker of the House of Lords and the Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, to select hereditary peers for the House of Lords,  to elect the Mayor of London and of other cities. If it’s used in variants by the, Labour Party, the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats in their leadership elections then surely its good enough for the UK electorate to use at general elections.

No the AV system not perfect but it does allow voters to put  those standing for election in an order of preference your vote does count and is counted.

AV will give minority groups (motorcycle and scooter users) a better voice in UK politics. Not necessarily by getting Members of Parliament elected, although that would be a fantastic outcome,  but by ramping up the votes of those standing on political ‘tickets’ that address their issues. Under AV second and third etc etc choices on the voting paper are important, they count. Ok I’ve already made that point but its worth repeating!

What I’m saying is that bikers and scooterists spend a lot of time moaning and groaning about ‘their rights’ having AV may well, overtime, give us the chance actually to do something about the things we don’t like. Even have our own political party.

So now given the opportunity we must vote ‘Yes’ to AV otherwise the political ‘establishment’ will purposely misconstrue and skew a ‘No’ vote as there being no taste for political or electoral reform.

We must vote ‘Yes’ to AV and persist in pressing for further advances towards a more democratic way of electing our politicians otherwise the chance will be gone for another generation of motorcyclists.

Ride safe on your way to vote.

© Back Roads Rider 2011

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  1. May 5, 2011 1:20 am

    I was partially in flavour of voting Yes, as I recieved too much waffle to why the AV system won’t work (none of which actually made sense, so this propaganda for the No campaign, has actaully back fired to making me pro-yes campaign 🙂


  1. El Camino – The Road

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