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100,000 Bikers could be right….

January 9, 2011


Watchet, England – Would a 100,000 UK bikers care enough about an issue to sign a petition?

An interesting question and one that may soon be tested as the Conservative arm of the UK Lib Dem/Conservative coalition government moves to fulfil a manifesto promise and allow popular online petitions to be debated in Parliament.

It appears likely that petitions receiving a 100,000 signatures or more and considered to be ‘sensible’ will be given parliamentary time and debated with a possibility of becoming law via the private member’s bill procedure.

Downside! This procedure requires support from an individual member of parliament (MP) and is subject to a ballot and is thus easy for other MP’s to block.

What would be sensible? Well according to press reports the most recent and most popular online petition with over 1.8 million people voicing opposition to road pricing would pass a ‘sensibility’ test. But petitions on paying no tax, Jeremy Clarkson or Darth Vader for Prime Minster or 70,000 signatures demanding that Gordon Brown should have gone would not. One wonders what would be the outcome if over a 100,000 people demanded, via petition, that UK forces be withdrawn from Afghanistan. No doubt that eventuality would be covered by a ‘clause’ refusing a topic for petition if it had been recently debated in Parliament.

Then there are questions such as, will petitions have to be worded like parliamentary bills and will only those on the electoral roll be able to take part, not to mention should bikers concern themselves about any of this!

On that last point I think they should. Along with the upcoming issue of proportional voting active petitioning offers an opportunity, all be it small, to get some democracy into motorcycling issues. An end to all the talking and the nice little buddy buddy campaigning an opportunity to get a majority of bikers behind a single issue.

Ok it will probably be all the chestnut issues that get granted petition statues, I’m thinking parking, bus lane access, non slip man-hole covers etc. But if 100,000 bikers got behind an issue and the issue fought its way to meaningful legislation what a victory and what a touchstone for the future. After all it’s all about getting mandatory legislation.

And empowerment it’s about that too. One biker with a pc, and an idea that could attract 100.000 supporters, that’s around 8% of UK bikers, could change everything. That could be bit worrying for the current UK ‘riders rights’ groups couldn’t it. Not to mention the industry, which as those of us on the inside know nicely manages our issues in their own interests by remote control?

A biker, a pc and an idea it could be you. Make it so!

Ride happy and smile.

© Back Roads Rider 2011

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  1. Henry permalink
    January 9, 2011 5:34 pm

    There is only one petition worth signing which is the most sensible of all for the future of motorcycling in this country:

    The UK must withdraw from the European Union.

    • Back Roads Rider permalink*
      January 9, 2011 7:30 pm

      What a cracking New Years revolution.

      Make it so!


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