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Oh No Not WikiLeaks!!!

December 1, 2010


Whitby, England – Well as everybody else is either getting the boot into Julian Assange or suggesting he gets the Noble Peace prize, why should I be different?

Or as my old Dad says 250,000 cables most of which state the bl**ding obvious. Still it’s keeping the journo’s busy and someone’s bound to get an NUJ press award out of it!

There are of course a couple of fundamentals  to consider WikiLeak wise. Stuff like, ok we know everything but just what can we do about it and that long time favourite, knowledge is power.

The knowledge is power thing always seems more apparent at the bottom of the ant hill, particularly among the people who bleat on about transparency accountability, team working and the like. Maybe that’s because when the fresh-faced ingénue turns up actually believes them and goes in for a bit of transparency it then adds to their little heap of knowledge and perceived power.

Then Julian turns up and whoops all the gofors, paper shufflers and busy workers who thought they were in a minority of one information wise suddenly realise that not only did all there colleagues know but now everyone else does. Bit of a grin you might say.

Still no worries all the politicians will just smile until it goes away and the rest of us just take it as a confirmation that small mindedness, back biting, looking after ones own interests, hypocrisy etc etc are alive and well among some of the people who represent and defend us.

An interesting chat this week with someone on the fringes of Football Club United of Manchester (FCUM) the democratic alternative to the mighty Manchester United FC. It’s a simple idea and it’s being tried at a couple of other football clubs. Instead of the club being owned by a mega rich oligarch it’s owned by the supporters. Joining the club for about 12 quid a year also makes you a shareholder and you get one vote. You then get to vote on how the clubs managed, how the teams run in fact most things that make a football club function you get a say on.

Now wouldn’t that be an interesting model to try on a motorcycle rider’s rights group.

The BRR representative at the Carole Nash Motorcycle Live event, NEC Birmingham, is having fun shadowing the great and good of the motorcycle industry and the would be if they could be folk from the riders groups. Call back as we may actually publish some of the stuff we get to know about!  Almost as much fun as watching a comedy spoof or parody film starring the great actor Leslie Nielsen, who sadly died this week, I’m told.

But please…….


© Back Roads Rider 2010

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