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Come What May!!

November 18, 2010


Dingwall, Scotland – Well that didn’t take long did it.

Almost no time at all for the Conservative element in the UK Government LibCon coalition to revert to type. It’s out with socialist doctrine on care and equality and in with the Conservatives just get on with it and we won’t interfere regime.

Yesterday Theresa May, Home Secretary, announced the Governments intention to scrap the clause in the, recently introduced, Equality Act which would have made public authorities take disadvantage and inequalities into account when making policy decisions.

More than disappointing as the Act would have applied to Local Authority decision-making on transport and road safety issues. In fact issues where motorcycle, scooter and moped users are sometimes disadvantaged and often treated unequally.

Goodbye then to the opportunity for us to actually have something mandated in law which would have meant that a little actually got done about our issues. So its back to the old Council sponsored, if it’s not been cut, motorcycle forum, website and nice little chats about sticking up ‘Think Bike’ signs. While we convince ourselves that all the rhetoric makes things happen.

 Still no worries as Theresa pointed out the word ‘equality’ has become dirty. Its to be replaced with ‘fairness’. So we can look forward to being treated ‘fairly’ if not equally. Hang on ‘fairness’ surely means all things to all people, and thus is worse than useless when it comes to informed debate on national policy issues relating to motorcycling.

Ah perhaps its all animals must be treated fairly, it’s just that some will be treated more fairly than others!

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  1. Chris Hodder permalink
    November 19, 2010 11:59 am

    Just don’t expect to be treated equally fair

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