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October 27, 2010

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Workington, England – You may have missed it, sandwiched between news of the Chilean miners, Wayne Rooney’s pay rise and the shared groaning over the Comprehensive Spending Review.

Shame on you! You have not been assiduously following the UK Parliamentary debates on the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill. No worries we have.

Yes folks the BRR News Hound has returned from his summer vac. Spent, we understand, falling off a GS on yet another of his, its Tuesday so this must be the Gobi Desert, ‘motorbike’ tours. So after threatening to burn his 2011 Touratech catalogue, if he mentioned the best places to eat in Ulan Bator just once more, and overlooking last session’s excessive expense claims he’s back in action. Once again sniffing out all the interesting political stuff motorcycle wise and earwigging in the cafes and trattoria around Westminster.

Thus in consideration of how much has been spent on skinny lattes and bacon sandwiches, is this more to do with obtaining the phone numbers of Polish waitress than motorcycle political opinion, we offer you some insight into the future of voting in the UK. Its proportional representation (PR) time.

The Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill is the one demanded by the Liberal Democrats and promised by the Conservatives as a part of the Coalition political agreement. It’s outcome to bring fairness and proportionality to the UK voting system by better reflecting the ‘peoples vote’ in the make up of the UK Parliament House of Commons. If the Bill is approved, and its appears highly likely it will be, a referendum will take place in May 2011 giving UK voters the opportunity to decided if future elections are held using a PR system.

There’s a debate to had over which system of PR should be used. Currently the Alternative Vote (AV) is in the frame as the system of choice. This maybe or may not be the best system but what is certain that PR will give minority groups (motorcycle and scooter users) a better voice in UK politics. Not necessarily by getting Members of Parliament elected, although that would be a fantastic outcome,  but by ramping up the votes of those standing on political ‘tickets’ that address their issues. Under PR second and third choices on the voting paper are important.

What I’m saying is that bikers and scooterists spend a lot of time moaning and groaning about ‘their rights’ having PR may well, overtime, give us the chance actually to do something about the things we don’t like. Even have our own political party.

So given the opportunity we must vote ‘Yes’ to PR otherwise the political ‘establishment’ will purposely misconstrue and skew a ‘No’ vote as there being no taste for political or electoral reform.

We must vote ‘Yes’ to PR and persist in pressing for further advances towards a more democratic way of electing our politicians otherwise the chance will be gone for another generation of motorcyclists.

Good news from Camp Bastion, better known in ‘the trade’ as the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) Coventry, Rye Hill HQ.

MCI have apparently got themselves a new Research Officer, after the last one left and joined MAG. MCI have analyzed the Governments most recent statistics on motorcycle crashes and found that although traffic rose by 15% in the last year the casualty rate for motorcyclists fell by 6%. Not only that but the motorcycle casualty rate has continued to fall since 1994 and the number of motorcycle fatalities has also dropped by 4% since 2008.

So to all the naysayers who say we spend most of our time crashing and burning we don’t. Or at least less of us have been!

Ride safe and secure and may your alternative vote ride with you!

© Back Roads Rider 2010

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