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Les Ambassadeurs….

August 31, 2010


Skegness, England – Have you noticed? There are an awful lot of ambassadors around at the moment.

Yes knee-deep would seem an appropriate phase to use ambassador wise. I’m not talking your representative of a state type ambassador it’s the profusion of non-governmental, political party, non-profit, multilateral, international organisation ambassadors I’m focused on.

Yep we have ambassadors-at-large, brand ambassadors, citizen ambassadors, cultural ambassadors, extraordinary ambassadors, Facebook ambassadors, goodwill ambassadors, good neighbour ambassadors, ordinary ambassadors, peace ambassadors, people to people  ambassadors, student ambassadors, professional ambassadors, roving ambassadors, road safety ambassadors, transport ambassadors, cycling ambassadors and walking ambassadors. You might say that the ‘ambassador’ word is as overworked as the ‘hero’ word.

Even motorcycling has its own ambassadors, apart from each and every one of you that is. Get-On has organised ‘in dealer’ ambassadors to welcome prospective riders into the motorcycle and scooter fold and recently good ole Motorcycle News (MCN) got into the act by inviting all its readers to become ambassadors, by getting a ‘mate’ on to a motorcycle. Everyone who succeeds gets, with proof of the ambassadorial result, a free MCN disc lock. Wow!!

Is this biking ambassador stuff working? Well it can’t do any harm and besides its looks like something is going on, even if it isn’t. But even taking Get-Ons efforts, in promoting motorcycling and scootering in places not before visited, into account there’s a bit of a tendency towards talking to the converted, not hitting the mainstream media type of thing.

Which leads to the question have we got the right ambassadors? Is a well-informed ‘nice bloke’ in a dealership or my mate ‘Gary’ the right person to gather a possible new rider to the biking ‘river’? Too hold their hands as they are ‘baptised’ into the sometimes daunting world of life on two wheels. Answer, yes and no. Yes, in as much there’s no substitute for experienced advice and support from someone’s whose ‘been there. No, neither ‘nice bloke’ nor ‘Gary’ look good on a bike media wise or can carry a ‘message’ into the maelström of mainstream media.

That’s where we can learn a few things from cycling. A media genius persuaded Kelly Brook to involve herself with cycling in London and Skyride; Kelly is the Skyride cycling style ambassador. One look at the publicity shots and Kelly’s even got BRR reaching for the tyre pump, the puncture repair outfit and fettling up the old ‘Claud Butler’. She just looks great on a cycle any doubts about safety, the weather, costs just drift away to be replaced by a warm feeling of positivity.

So why can’t we do the same for motorcycling and scootering. Ok I know the delightful Suzi Perry has done a ‘Kelly’ for biking in the past. But maybe Suzi in leather perched on something hot in the BSB paddock is not the way to go. Perhaps we need a couple of good-looking, even well-known, people to promote biking in the mainstream media with style, a smile and panache. Its simple, the bottom line is riding a scooter or motorcycle is fun!

As getting a name check on BRR is now becoming recognised as a real CV booster thought I’d mention the recent changes in personnel at Camp Bastion aka the Motorcycle Industry Associations’ (MCI), Rye Hill Coventry, HQ. Sheila Rainger is, I’m informed by our ‘industry insider’, the now ex MCI Director of Communications. Sheila’s upped sticks to do a bit of freelancing as well as working for HMPR. Now didn’t they used to do representative work for the Asphalt Industry? Heres a nice little update asphalt wise ‘What’s Under Your Wheels?’

Ride Safe folks!

© Back Roads Rider 2010

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  1. Cicciolina permalink
    September 1, 2010 1:15 am

    Interesting how the male species tends to use hot women as representatives of modes of transport. Just have a look at MCN and their biker babes, or as mentioned above, the versatile Suzy Perry – lovely lady who is far more interesting as a presenter of the Gadget Show.

    Fact is though, if you look at the piccies of your typical female riders’ rights rider – i.e. the women that actually get their arses on a bike and ride, some may suggest an affinity to the canine species, they may, but then, I would not exclude myself. Infact with my Russian hat – the one with the floppy sides, there is very little distinction between me and my mutt – apart from the fact that everybody wants to pat her.

    So my question, the women that ride are ordinary people, some pretty, some down right ugly, many are old with wrinkles – but the majority who actually do great things for motorcycling, are sidelined for tits and tittilating bums. Why?

    Are men so feeble that they need a pussy to entice them to buy a motorcycle? I wouldn’t have thought so.

    Time for a survey: did you buy your latest super-duper sports bike because Ms Tits’n’Bum was sitting on the same model at the NEC?


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