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It’s a Steal……

May 17, 2010


Haworth, England – It is an unfortunate consequence of economic recession that motorcycle and scooter theft is again rising.

The sudden realisation that your motorcycle or scooter has gone, been stolen, leaving you with no transport, the police and insurance to deal with and, invariably, out-of-pocket when it comes to finding a replacement. Not to mention coming to terms with the loss of trusty friend, something often not appreciated by none users. In all in all it’s no joke, not a happy experience.

Out there somewhere a cretin is either making money out of your loss or riding your pride and joy around a field for a ‘laugh’. With motorcycle and scooter thefts now running at a reported 100 a day its time to do something, but wait a moment haven’t we been here before? Didn’t we get promised positive action on stopping motorcycle theft in the early years of this decade?

Yes action was promised but little took place. We had a mountain of advice on locking it or losing it. We had police action on the organised bike theft gangs. We had some useful statistical research from the UK Home Office. We had promises from the insurance industry on ‘tightening up’ the system. We had, much to the industries chagrin, the ‘Bike Theft Index’. Now shelved this offered statistically based advice on which motorcycles and scooters were most likely to be stolen. Handy for buyers but not so handy for sellers! Oh yes, and we had, fairly grudgingly, a slight increase in secure parking facilities.

We had some action but we didn’t get the problem to go away, so it’s come back and it will come back again and again until some proper action is taken. Proper action?

Yes proper action like:-

Making it mandatory under European Type Approval for motorcycles and scooters to be fitted with hardened ignition locks, coded keys or keyless ignition. Be fitted with an immobiliser and/or alarm. As a minimum be fitted with an easily accessible frame/chassis loop to enable a security chain to be used or a built-in security chain or cable provided. To ensure that at parts are marked with the bikes VIN number so as to be easily identifiable.

Ban the sale of motorcycle frames with V5 documents.

Ensure that the frames of motorcycles and scooters written off in insurance categories B, C, and D are crushed and VIN numbers destroyed.

Ensure the Register of Motor Salvage Operators and Scrap Metal Dealers is up to date with regular site visits and enforcement.

Re establish the ‘Bike Theft Index’.

Provide police resources to ensure the operation of National and Regional Vehicle Crime Units.

Enact legislation to ensure that sellers have a responsibility in law relating to the sale of ‘cloned’ or ‘rung’ motorcycles and scooters. This would include protection for innocent buyers in the event of an insurance company reclaiming a stolen vehicle and prosecution for organisers of ‘car boot sales’ and ‘auto jumbles’ who do not take ‘reasonable’ care to ensure that no stolen items are on sale.

Provide secure motorcycle and scooter parking facilities on a demand basis.

Not unreasonable demands. Demands that would save users considerable sums of money and even enhance the thought of ownership. Demands, however, that don’t appear to be in everyone’s interest.

There’s that still small voice, the voice of the cynic perhaps, which says it may well suit the ‘industry’ the way things are. After all for every motorcycle or scooter that’s stolen there’s a dealer to sell a new or used one. There’s someone to flog you an even bigger and more expensive security chain. There are the insurers who keep putting up premiums what ever the circumstances. There are the excuses that changes will cost consumers more and cut into profits.

Is the theft issue and resolving it simple an example of the ‘industries’ control of the consumer riders? Are riders faced with an organisational culture that wants to do nothing or believes that doing nothing is something?

Questions to ponder perhaps, when in the not to distant future a ‘coming together’ of the ‘industries’ and the riders interests is floated.

We are the same but we different!

© Back Roads Rider 2010

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  1. May 17, 2010 7:52 am

    Buy a BMW – low theft rates and the crooks even return them (50% recovery rates).

    Ban insurance – (apart from 3rd party injury).

    Get the insurance industry to explain why it uses a category amongst themselves (X category) whereby they sell stolen bikes…….

    When asked by the boys in blue what exactly X category was – the spokesman said – with a red face “it’s an internal industry definition”.

    The way it works is you pride and joy is stolen – the insurance company takes over ownership and pays you – 2p (based on their evaluation of your bike – that you’ve probably spent £1000s modifying, fixing up etc).

    It’s then found, but at this stage it’s not yours anymore, it belongs to arsehole insurance company who now allegedly sells it (and all the extras that you’ve put on it) to a scrap dealer, or to an auction house.

    Scrap dealer/auction house then allegedly either sells it (and all the extra bits you spent a fortune on) instead of stolen bike being crushed due to the fact that it doesn’t have the original log book.

    Remember suckers – the V5 is not proof of ownership, it is proof of keepership so that “they” know who to send the fines to.

    There’s money to be made on stolen bikes – and (allegedly) the crooks aren’t always the ones with swag bags, stripy jumpers and a mask.


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