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Foot in Mouth!!

May 3, 2010


Llangurig, Wales – Only two days, forty-eight hours, just two thousand eight hundred and eighty minutes to Election Day.

Not a lot of time left for politicians and prospective politicians various to stick a metaphorical foot in mouth and suffer yet other party political balls up. So far we have had ill-advised boasting about sexual prowess on Twitter, Ministers nicked for using mobile phones whilst driving, unfortunate remarks on bigotry i.e. bigotrygate, and biking wise soon to be ex Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport Paul Clark, the governmental dude with responsibility for motorcycling, refusing to say that motorcycling should be encouraged.

The question is of course will the election make any difference to British biking. Will a reinvigorated Gordon ‘aye laddie’ Brown, Nick ‘romeo’ Clegg or David ‘the boy’ Cameron actually change the British bikers lot for the better. Let’s blast away pessimism and go for a qualified optimistic yes.

But, yes there is always one, we have a problem you see and it’s called the Department for Transport (DfT). Well its is currently. No doubt if Nick ‘romeo’ Clegg or David ‘the boy’ Cameron gets into power we will have a sudden change of departmental name. Something thrusting and dynamic but cuddly no doubt. Then there’s the stripping out. Stripping out? That’s where all the people with commonsense ideas, yes there are some, get dumped in the managerial fight to save essential posts. In this case essential equals everyone near retirement age in Grade 5 and above.

So, in this scenario, when the dust clears and the DfT has divested itself of all unnecessary ‘fat’ and emerges as the new skinny  latte 21st century Department for Eco Transit (DfET) will anything have changed? Well there are rumours circulating that we may get a motorcycling ‘expert’ ensconced at the DfT or even at the DfET. BRR’s even been ‘slipped’ a list of possible candidates. Will said ‘expert’ make a difference? That really depends on how she/he can handle the two opposing sides. They will no doubt still exist. Group One – the pragmatic transport policy ‘marsham street irregulars’ who see motorcycles and scooters as a proper alternative to the car that should be promoted and supported as such. Group Two – the road safety ‘gang’ the ‘expert’ group who chose to slant the facts so there is always a large ‘but’ over biking safety. Let’s face it no Minster wants to be associated with an activity that’s presented to him/her as dangerous. Excepting of course Ministers from the Foreign Office and Ministry of Defence who appear only too willing to place people in harm’s way.

Meantime life goes on down at the DfT. Pigeon holes and lack of communication rule. Heard about the Cycle to Work Guarantee. An initiative from the DfT, challenging businesses to become cycle friendly employers by making it easy for staff to cycle to and from work. Things like secure parking, lockers etc. Actually all the things that would be handy for motorcycle and scooter commuters. Nice website too. Have a look after all you paid!

Whoever makes onto the steps of 10 Downing Street on 8 May be it Gordon ‘aye laddie’ Brown, Nick ‘romeo’ Clegg or David ‘the boy’ Cameron  all have pontificated at length on fairness, inclusion and futures fit for all. Perhaps, just perhaps this time around that will include us!

Its been presidential! We have had the style so now for the content.

What’s your vote worth? Check here….

© Back Roads Rider 2010


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