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Justice for Riders??

April 15, 2010


The scales of justice - for riders?

Chepstow, Wales – Justice is the concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, natural law, religion, fairness, or equity.

I hope you have read the Riders are Voters (RAV) Motorcycling Manifesto. I have and it contains some good solid stuff, nothing particular new put never the less something that politicians could couple their cart too.

One interesting point I picked up on was the way motorcyclists are dealt with by the courts. RAV may have a point in suggesting that riders are often punished more severely than car drivers in relation to speeding and vehicle offences, but when it comes to dangerous driving and causing death by dangerous driving it’s the car drivers who are literally getting away with murder.

This is a difficult issue as it concerns the death of a motorcyclist or scooter user and the catastrophic and unimaginable effect this has on the family and friends of the victim. However seeking justice for victims and their families is the issue that the UK ‘riders rights’ groups should be committing to during the next parliament. Its time not only to talk the talk but walk the walk on this one.

Its time to ask if the sentencing guidelines for causing death by dangerous driving i.e. prison up to 14 years, fine unlimited, driving ban obligatory minimum 2 years, compulsory re–testing and 3–11 penalty points are correct for the crime involved and of sufficient deterrence.

Its time ask why the Crown Prosecution Service consistently fails to consider either a manslaughter or murder change where a road death is concerned.

Its time to ask if the guidelines on mitigation are fair to the victims and their families.

Its time to reconsider culpability in light of driver’s actions before the crash.

Its time to consider the actions of smart arse solicitors and briefs who will get their client ‘off’ by any means.

Its time to wonder why driving bans run concurrent with prison sentences.

Its time for mandatory sentences in the hope that the idiots out there will realise the connection between cause and effect.

Its time for some action.

So if Dave ‘the boy’ Cameron wins the election on May 6th and actually holds to his manifesto promise of allowing direct petitioning of Parliament. Let’s petition for a change in the law that gives justice and protection to the motorcyclists, scooterists, cyclists and pedestrians, the vulnerable users of our roads.

© Back Roads Rider 2010

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  1. Dave permalink
    April 16, 2010 8:57 am

    I think it’s time to ask why our roads policing model relies so heavily on punishing people after they’ve done something and not prevention and education. It’s recognised by serving officers, by road safety groups and most people with common sense that proactive roads policing coupled with proper driver training is going to be far more effective in the long term than quick fix cameras and harsher post crash sentencing. I for one would rather see a police car / motorcycle or two on my favourite route than a horse box with a hidden camera in it.


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