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Write to Ride – Getting On Message With Biker’s

January 24, 2010

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Cardigan, Wales – That very deep hole that the UK Defence Secretary, Bob Ainswoth, has dug himself over the Afghan War got considerably deeper today.

During another of his red-faced sweating interviews on Sky News  Bob, either by accident or design, leaked the date of the next UK general election, indicating that those of us eligible to vote may well be doing so on May 6.

So biking girls and boys its time to consider exactly which party will best serve motorcycling and the interests of motorcyclists for the next five years. I simple cannot wait to get hold of the party manifestos and play my favourite quinquennial game, ‘spot the biker’.

Back in 2005, the year of the last UK general election, the results were grim, I seem to recall that only one of the parties mentioned motorcycling. Considering all the puff coming from the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI), the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) and the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) about ‘mainstreaming motorcycling’ we should expect better this time around. The question is will we get it?

Are we, as some are commenting to BRR, not in the ‘mainstream’ but up the creek run aground on a sandbank of rhetoric captained there by the self-interest of the rider ‘representative’ groups. Which brings me to the point, exactly who is representing you? Well if a recent comment left on BRR is anything to go by the “London Mafia” are. In my benign innocence I assume this is a reference to a small clique who believe they know what is best for bikers and consider they have a modicum of influence in the ‘corridors of power’ As Oliver Cromwell said “not what they want but what is good for them” In this case ‘them’ being us.

There are of course some bright spots of biking democracy where positive action is being taken. I refer, of course, to the No to Bike Parking Tax Campaign in Westminster and Write to Ride in Northern Ireland. Both ‘groups’ have listened to motorcycle and scooter users and are responding by enabling people, by getting on message.

Yes simple enabling, no we think you should, no subscription, no special deals, no endless committees, no student rhetoric, and no self-interest. Just enabling those who want to do ‘something’ to do ‘it’.


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  1. Heckel and Jeckel permalink
    January 24, 2010 11:54 pm

    Simples – Oh how we laughed!

  2. Dave permalink
    January 25, 2010 1:02 pm

    It doesn’t really matter what the politicians say we can’t trust them and it’s the civil servants who actually run the country anyway – it’s them we need to deal with. And given the ever increasing influence of the EU perhaps it matters less and less who’s in the driving seat in the Commons?

  3. JohnC permalink
    January 26, 2010 12:07 pm

    I wouldn’t place too much faith in the EU to make UK politicians do the right thing for the two wheeled community.
    The recent ‘direct action’ by citizens against Westminster’s parking tax is really hurting in ways its parking department never imagined possible.
    The ‘direct action’ involves massive vandalism of ‘pay by phone’ signs so bikes can park free (like they always did before the money making scam was dreamt up!)
    see the following;attach=1148;image

  4. MrC permalink
    February 3, 2010 4:49 pm

    As a supporter of I have avoided Westminster area since WCC introced motorcycle parking fees.

    Also I have posted fliers on bikes at the weekend and know that sice the parking fees where introduced the bike pays are nearly empty at weekends. As someone who shopped in Westminster before the fees I can say the bays used to be full. This is about 2% of westend shoppers who now go somewhere else.

    Its intresting to see that Westminster Council has now proposed to tax cars coming into the area in the evening. I wonder if the cars or even the theaters and resturants will get their act together and protest like the motorbikers have. I wont be holding my breath.


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