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The BMF 1960-2010…………..RIP??

January 3, 2010


BMF 50 years old, lets hope for another 50!

Lochinver, Scotland – The British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) is 50 years old this year, will it be a 50th Anniversary celebration or a wake that takes place.

Information received by BRR indicates that the BMF is in the direst of dire straits. With allegedly only £6500 in the kitty the BMF is being supported by its show contractor who also, according to BRR’s informant, paid for the BMF stand at this years NEC motorcycle show.

In an attempt to balance the books the BMF sold its Leicester HQ for a figure alleged to be £523,000. However, this sum has been eaten up losses on shows, running costs, two ill thought out court cases and an alleged bank surety of £160,000.

According to a report circulated by an independent observer who attended the October 2009 BMF Annual General Meeting (AGM) the individual membership of the BMF is now less than 7000, with club affiliated membership in slight decline at around 73,000. The AGM itself is alleged to have descended into farce when an individual who is neither a BMF management team member or a member of the organisation gave financial reports and answered questions. It is alleged that at least three of the BMF management team portfolio holders, including the political portfolio holder, failed to attend the AGM. The BMF’s Government Relations Executive was also absent.

Without good attendances at its 2010 shows the BMF may well become insolvent. With the recession far from over, money tight and petrol prices likely to exceed 123pence a litre by mid year bumper attendances at BMF events can hardly be guaranteed. Leaving the possibility that an organisation which has championed riders rights for five decades will disappear forever.

On a lighter note. A Freedom of Information Act application has forced the UK Department for Transport to release copies of the Highways Agency lexicon. The five-page document advises Highways Agency staff on the best phraseology to use when dealing with ‘customers’. Among the gems contained within is advice on using the word ‘motorist’, saying that ‘road user’ or ‘driver’ should be used instead.  Right then where does that leave the motorcyclists!!!

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