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The Lone Rider………..

January 1, 2010


All this and fresh air too!

John O’Groats, Scotland – Riding alone on a motorcycle, well you don’t feel guilty about having four empty seats.

I often ride alone, sometimes through necessity, frequently through choice, but I never feel alone or lonely. Is this because I am comfortable with my own company. Is it perhaps the enigmatic rider thing, as examined in films by Clint Eastwood. Could it be it is the horse and rider relationship one develops with the bike.

It’s the latter for me. A motorcycle has all the advantages of a horse but little or none of the downside. Accepted, a bike won’t respond to a word of command or a pat and you can’t get a bike to live off the land, but you sit on a bike and it responds to the rider’s movements. It comes alive in your hands, it responds to your commands hey, bikes even have their good and bad days, like horses.

On thinking about it perhaps it is both the enigmatic rider thing and the horse and rider relationship that is one of the elements of biking for me. Time to come clean. I have been reading a book about the setting up of the Pony Express and its riders and there are, for me, huge parallels between the experience of riding alone on a motorcycle and those described by the Express riders.

The pressure to deliver on time, periods of boredom, huge elation, sheer terror, fighting the weather, the euphoria of a job well down at journey’s end. The company of fellow riders, the exaggerated tales of danger and bravado, the sorrow of losing a good friend, seeing the sunrise on a bright new day. These are my experiences of riding, some of which I share with Express riders long past………

Wishing you a very Happy 2010. I hope all your expectations are exceeded.

© Back Roads Rider 2010

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