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A Grand Day Out…….Nippy But Nice!!

December 28, 2009


Winter in the Scottish Highlands Laddie!

Buckie, Scotland – Well that’s the UK’s road chaos over for a while, until its snows again that is.

So what about some winter riding? No I’m not talking the daily commute doing the Dragon or trekking down to the Elephant Rally (Elefantentreffen), BTW held in a very scenic part of the Bavarian Forest near Passau. Actually, the thought of whipping on a pair of Trelleborg’s and popping down for the grin is attractive. Nice little day ride out to Linz etc. Sorry off subject. No, I’m banging on about a nice little dayish ride out to enjoy some of Britain’s picturesque scenery in its winter guise.

Strange that there’s loads of good safety based advice about riding in winter conditions around but not much about the experience. Maybe that’s why you don’t see the casual rider out and about at this time of year, a shame as riding in the wintertime brings a completely new perspective to biking that even battle hardened veterans can enjoy.

Motorcycling is a very personal experience different strokes for different folks and big time. For me there is nothing like a challenging ride on a cold winter’s day. Bikes always run well in the cold, colder air is denser meaning you get more oxygen into the engine and crisper performance. There is often less traffic on the B-roads but that does not mean it is safer, you need to stay focused. Conditions are more demanding, possible ice in the shadows and being caught out by snow, the need to keep warm.

Yep it can be challenging but you get to see your favourite ride(s) in a completely new light. Particularly if there’s been snow and you take to the high country it’s a majestic winter wonderland which a bike makes you better ‘connected’ too.

And of course when you get back there’s that warm glow of satisfaction that you have been somewhere, seen something, met someone that you wouldn’t have otherwise, if you had chosen not to venture out.

Ride safe. Keep warm.

© Back Roads Rider 2009

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