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Alistair Darling – Unplugged!

December 14, 2009


Electric Scooters - Low Emission City Transport

Middlesbrough, England – On Wednesday last, Chancellor Alistair Darling gave his Pre-Budget Report speech to the House of Commons, promising to slash the deficit  he expects will reach £611billion over the next four years.

Buried among the promises to rein in spending, protect the poor and explain why MP’s are entitled to claim expenses for slug pellets was the expected ‘green’ pleaser.

Ahead of the second week of the Copenhagen Climate Summit Darling announced tax concessions for companies purchasing electric cars and vans. Coupled with Plugged-In Places, a UK Government initiative offering funding of up to £30 million to create a critical mass of electric vehicle infrastructure, using an electric car or van in the UK is becoming a viable transport option.

Note ‘using an electric car or van’ for disappointingly neither Darlings new tax concessions or Plugged-In include electric motorcycles or scooters. Oh dear, two-wheeled transport always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

Considering the hundreds if not thousands of businesses and employees that could benefit from using an electric motorcycle or scooter, this lack of inclusion makes no sense whatsoever. Why shouldn’t our mode receive the same support as those buying electric cars or vans?

So come on Alistair be a darling and in light of the efforts that the industry is currently making to encourage people to use motorcycles and scooters Get-On too.

And for all the electric scooter owners in BRR land please plug-in, switch on and CHILL OUT!

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