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Can I Have a Little Label To Please ??

November 18, 2009

If cars can have emission grading labels, why not motorcycles?

Canterbury, England – UK Transport Minister Sadiq Khan has given the go-ahead for voluntary scheme to colour-code cars according to their environmental credentials.

This initiative cooked up by the Department of Transport, the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, the Retail Motor Industry Federation and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders will see cars from as far back as 2001 festooned with stickers displaying information on make, model, estimated fuel costs over 12,000 miles, fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions.

Great very laudable nothing wrong with offering potential buyers as much information as possible on the emissions of a vehicle they may be considering buying. Allows everyone to do their bit, participate in safeguarding the planet from those nasty greenhouse gases.

Well err everyone except us motorcycle and scooter users as the little labels won’t be appearing on our mode. Why is it we always get left out, what the hell was the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) doing this time after all they must know what the Retail Motor Industry Federation is doing. I’d have thought that most motorcycle and scooter buyers would love to know all that stuff about petrol consumption and emissions, I know I would.

Ok there’s a slight problem in the fact that the manufacturers of motorcycles and scooters don’t have to publish information about emissions, but that’s not insuperable is it. No problems just solutions. So once again I’m left out in all those pub pundit discussions on CO2 emissions. Bah! Humbug!

Meanwhile in Olympic 2012 procurement land its been announced that Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, BMW to you and me, are to supply all 4000 vehicles that will be needed for support during the Olympics. Yes even the bicycles that competitors will be offered to get around the Olympic village will be BMW’s. Much rubbing of hands at the BM London dealers as those RT’s roll umm nice.

No doubt we will get the usual rhetoric that all the Minis are made in BMW’s plant in Cowley, Oxford and that all the usual EU Tender protocols we observed. But let’s face it if things were reversed, i.e. the Olympics were being held in Berlin, do you really think that Triumph Motorcycles would be supplying the bikes.

It’s probably jingoism on my part but if I was sitting in the Boardroom at Triumph HQ in Hinckley I interpret the Olympic thing as damn good kick in the teeth and two fingers up to the work force. If we can’t use something that’s costing the UK billions to mount to showcase our best, where can we do it.

Still hardly surprising is it. Remember the fuss over the Royal Air Force Red Arrows display team being banned from performing at the 2012 Olympics as they are too British and the team’s military background “might offend other nations”. It took a year of UK Government bumbling to finally over turn that one.

What is this fixation with the British offending other countries and their citizens? Of course even that’s tinged with the usual hypocrisies’ are you telling me it’s not offensive to drop a 500lb (230kg) bomb straight down the chimney of some Afghanis house.

© Back Roads Rider 2009

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