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How About a Scrappage Scheme for Motorcycles and Scooters??

November 8, 2009
Scrapped Motorcycles

Scrapping old motorcycles and scooters may increase new UK sales

Chester, England – UK registrations of motorcycles, scooters and mopeds have recorded their 12th successive monthly fall. Registrations for October 2009 were 27.0 per cent down on the same month in 2008.

A grim out look for the UK motorcycle industry then as we enter what is usually the slowest time of the year trading wise. The UK motorcycle industry plays an important economic and employment role, employing over 15,000 people, mainly in small and medium-sized businesses, and turning over approximately £3 billion a year. Time perhaps for the UK Government to offer support by introducing a scrappage scheme for motorcycles and scooters.

Both Spain and Italy are currently running scrappage schemes for motorcycles and scooters that are over ten years old so there is an EU precedent to follow. Both offer around £500 (€560) for trading in a 10-year-old motorcycle or scooter and the purchase of new machine of under 400cc with a Euro 3 emission specification. The Italian scheme has been very successful in increasing sales in an otherwise stagnating market.

It is notable that the UK Government refused requests for a car and van scrappage scheme until that segment of the automotive industry had experienced falling sales for II months consecutively. On that basis alone the motorcycle and scooter segment is overdue for assistance. A scrappage scheme would act as a boost to an ever-increasing usage rate. As the UK recession continues more and more people are dusting off their old machines and returning to motorcycles and scooters as an everyday transport mode: over half (52%) of all motorcycle trips in 2008 were made for the purpose of commuting, compared to just one-third (34%) of bicycle journeys and one-fifth (22 %) of car journeys.

The introduction of a scrappage scheme would support the motorcycle and scooter industry’s ability to provide reasonably priced no-nonsense personal transport, and bring environmental and safety paybacks. A suitably planned scheme would encourage the replacement of older, less fuel-efficient motorcycles and scooters with lower emission models fitted with up-to-the-minute safety features.

So let’s forget the detractors who say that a scrappage scheme will simple put money into the pockets of foreign manufactures and importers. Let’s forget about those who say that the car and van scrappage scheme has damaged motorcycle and scooter sales.

Let’s support the UK motorcycle and scooter industry, let’s support the UK’s motorcycle and scooter users, and let’s have a motorcycle and scooter scrappage scheme NOW!!

 © Back Roads Rider 2009

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  1. dilligat permalink
    December 3, 2009 9:25 pm

    Fully agree but motorcyclists are considered the devil’s spawn by politicians and cyclists until election times

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