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Keeping Customers On-Side

October 8, 2009

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Brandon, England – Always exceed your customers expectations would seem a good mantra to adopt when times are hard and sales are slow.                 

It certainly appears that the UK Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) has some work to do in the ‘customer expectations’ area if comments to Back Roads Rider, relating to MCIA’s lack of support for the No To Westminster Parking Fees (NTWPF) Campaign, are to be believed. 

Yes MCIA you have a very large number of disgruntled bikers in London the supporters of NTWPF to be precise. Ok they might not directly deal with you, but they are buying bikes from your members dealerships so many think you are a ‘voice’ that matters. Come to think about it wasn’t long ago that you dropped the ‘voice of motorcycling’ strap. Got a touch of laryngitis have we.

OK I know things are bits fraught at MCIA HQ at Rye Hill, better know as Camp Bastion, but surly if you are going to face both ways on the NTWPF thing you could to it a little more convincingly. We have your master of Public Affairs, Craig Cary-Clinch telling NTWPF of his (your???) undying support. Meanwhile letters are being received by NTWPF supporters from your Chief Executive, Steve Kenward, expressing views like; ‘We don’t support you nor disagree with your position and reserve the right to lobby on our own views of the issue’. OK Steve I’ve fixed up a spot for you with the Cirque du Soleil, centre ring, occupying an ivory tower while sitting on a fence.

Not surprising then that there are rumours circulating of a boycott by London bikers  of good and services offered by MCIA members, not to mention confusion on the part of London motorcycle and scooter dealers who support NTWPF.

Time for a bit of a policy rethink then, getting a bit ‘in touch’ with ‘things’ perhaps.

PS – Understand that MCIA are head hunting for a new CEO and a Get On Campaigns Manager. New Year new idea!!

© Back Roads Rider 2009

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