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Contradictory Quote of the Week

September 28, 2009
No Distractions!

No Distractions!

Birmingham, England – The UK Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has shot itself in the foot yet again. Having caused a public and parliamentary out cry over selling vehicle details to the agency running the new but now abandoned Castrol Oils advertising campaign the DVLA is now investigating itself over the matter. Yes just who did sell those details held on the DVLA mainframe, err was it the DVLA by chance.

Mean time Castrol got a b********g from the road safety lobby over the campaigns use of giant advertising billboards on five major routes into London. The system used roadside cameras to capture number plate details, interrogated the DVLA data to obtain the vehicle make and model and then displayed the recommended grade of oil as the car drove by.

Never passing up an opportunity to get in a media quote the Morecambe and Wise of road safety Messrs Kevin Clinton, of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, and Andrew Howard, the Automobile Association’s head of road safety, accused Castrol of distracting drivers.

Clinton is quoted as saying  the adverts were ‘inappropriate’ and could distract drivers, adding: ‘If adverts are personalised and targeted at individual drivers, they are more likely to catch and hold their attention.

While Howard chimed in with ‘The use of moving variable information is a step too far. Flashing up your number plate is deliberately distracting because it is designed to attract your attention.’

Bit strange that as both Clinton and Howard have supported the use of not dissimilar systems on the UK trunk road network. These display vehicle registration numbers and speed  to drivers either exceeding the speed limit or approaching the limit. Presumably that’s not distracting or are there simple different levels of distraction. Or were Clinton and Howard simple distracted by the though of a media quote.

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  1. October 2, 2009 1:14 pm

    Due to the recent death of a councillor in Westminster some of us residents who ride bikes did discuss the possibility of putting ourselves up as an independent councillor. But none of us were prepared to throw away our moral values and take the plunge, even in to local politics. The election takes place on the 8th and the Tory candidate is odds on to win, Westminster is very Tory, with most of the residents happy to be bought off with an incredibly low council tax.

    I did a street interview with the Tory candidate, who thought that as cars should pay to park it was only fair for motorcycles to pay as well. He also said he thought it was perfectly acceptable for him to apply for his free parking permit, available to any councillor who asks. He had to cut the interview short, as the headmistress of the school he was canvassing outside of objected to the presence of him, his balloons and pasting table. That sort of thing really can lower the tone of the place.

    But I do think there is a place for separate issue groups, which can work with both MAG and the BMF. Separate groups can afford to be more ‘edgy’ and tend to react much quicker to events. I’m afraid they also seem to make much better use of the Internet than MAG and the BMF, but there’s still time for them to catch up. I hope they don’t leave IT neglected for too much longer though.

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