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Avoiding Post(al) Strikes

September 27, 2009
Exhibit 3

Exhibit 3

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2
Exhibit 2

Carnforth, England – Did you know that 18% of motorcycle and scooter crashes involve collisions with roadside objects, i.e. signposts, telegraph poles, lamp standards, speed limit signs or crash barriers etc etc.

After all the trumpet blowing from the UK Highways Agency (HA) about the installation of biker friendly crash barrier under run systems you would have though that attention would have been paid by both the HA and the County Road Authorities to other road side objet d’art, that bikes may hit in either primary or secondary collisions. Bit surprising then that mores not being down to soften up the road side landscape and make it more biker safe and friendly.

May I present Exhibit One; better known to the crash barrier cognoscenti as the Corus ABC End Terminal. Approved to ENV 1317- 4 and thus a HA, and by default UK Local Authority, approved road restrain system this Terminal system is being installed throughout the UK as new road side crash barriers are installed or old ones upgraded to meet new standards. Looks pretty biker friendly, as friendly as riding off a cliff.

Moving on.

Exhibit Two; the Lattix road sign support system. Invented in Norway this is a frangible beam designed to deform when hit by a vehicle thus protecting the vehicle occupants. Currently there are around 30,000 installations in the UK. Lattix conforms to EN 12767. Doesn’t look to biker friendly does it. Although Lattix claim there have been zero fatalities in collisions with the system.

Both Exhibit One and Two can be fitted with cushion devices that go someway to ameliorate injury to motorcyclists or scooter riders who may collide with them. Have you seen them fitted to UK installations? It’s worrying that the EN standards that both Exhibit One and Two are tested to do not include verification of safety issues related to motorcycles or scooters.

Exhibit Three; a new product the Biker Mate designed, as the picture shows, to be fitted to roadside objects that present a danger to motorcycle and scooter riders. Details here………

Food for thought.

Be careful out there, ride safe.

© Back Roads Rider 2009

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