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Get On……….Industrial Revelations??

September 6, 2009
Lets just Get On with it!!

Lets just Get On with it!!

Hexham, England – An appropriate place to write today’s piece from as there seems to be a bit of a hex on the UK Motorcycle Industry Associations (MCIA) Get On campaign. For newcomers Get On is an attempt to encourage a new generation to get on a scooter or motorcycle and enjoy the obvious advantages of the mode.

I had hoped that we would by now have seen an abandonment of trade rhetoric on the Get On thing but if anything it’s intensifying. The old stagers in the motorcycle industry simple don’t believe that minimalist stories about two minor league celebrities, who we supposed to believe have discovered the joys of motorcycling and want to tell the world about it, will make any difference to the abysmally low sales figures. They may be right; perhaps real stories about real people would be a better line to pursue.

What I find particle annoying is the fact that all the sales campaigning, for that’s what it is, is being funded by a levy on new bike sales. Which ever way you cut that fact it appears that the existing motorcycle community is paying for a sales campaign for the trade. So what’s the benefit to us then?

I’m hoping that this years NEC International Motorcycle and Scooter Show will see Get On ramped up, considering the budget is an alleged £3million pounds over three years it won’t be to soon.

Meantime what are the Motorcycle Retailers Association and the Motorcycle Rider Training Association doing about the sales slump; after all it affects them too. Grin and bear it I guess, not exactly proactive.

So what could be done?

Well promoting scooter and motorcycle use to young people in colleges would be a good move. Building a possible future sales base.

Supporting Wheels 2 Work. Wheels 2 Work is a moped leasing scheme aimed at helping people get over the initial problem of getting to work or training where no suitable alternative transport. Ok the majors do this now but why no ramp it up, it could encourage more sales.

More funding for the training of Motorcycle Technicians, creating a pool of trained people ready to expand the industry when the recession begins to fade.

Simple getting the message of Get On out to the trade. I visited two independent dealers this week who had not heard about the campaign until I mentioned it.

Commence an image change for biking. Nice bit of well funded bandwagon propaganda to move us away from the weekend warrior, noise, speed, you are all going to die or end up in wheel chairs, road safety encumbered image that we seem to have become associated with.

Arguable the industry landed us all with that image in the first place, due to their affectation with flogging sports bikes. I’ll hold the discussion on that one for the future!

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