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Get-On, Join-In, Rolls Out!

July 22, 2009
MCIA Get-On Campaign Logo

MCIA Get-On Campaign Logo

Coventry, England – Its here, its here yippee! The UK masters of motorcycle and scooter promotion the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) have finally trade launched the first phase of their lets get loads of people on to bikes campaign.

In a crafty move to throw off the industry detractors the boys and girls at Camp Bastion, better known in ‘the trade’ as MCIA’s Coventry, Rye Hill HQ, have renamed the campaign, its now called Get-On not as previously advertised Join-In. However considering the amount of derision the soft launch by boy band Blue’s Simon Webbe at the Britannia Stadium, Stoke-on-Trent has caused the UK’s bike industry does not appear to be ‘getting off’ on Get-On.

The industries prevailing question is will MCIA’s attempt to get ‘The Nation Biking’ initial fronted by a D-list celeb and with a planned 3 year spend of £4million get biking out its current downwards spiral? Get-Ons core message that ‘because a celebrity rides a bike, perhaps I should too’ is a pretty low common denominator. Besides do we want all these new riders swelling our hard fought improved accident statistics?

In my view the industry naysayers are wrong. The Get-On website is not perfect there’s nothing very compelling about it – it’s just a more modern way of publishing an information leaflet. Where’s the ‘Daz’ challenge aspect? The road shows going into city centres and actually getting to grips with the general public. But, criticism aside, it is aimed at young non-riders, a sector that the industry has historically failed to attract. The strap line is a positive ‘Life’s Better on Two Wheels’ and the graphics are nicely touchy feely. The site contains a huge amount of well presented information for new starters and throughout the UK Get-On will offer the public free, one hour, riding taster sessions on motorcycles and scooters.

So not a bad start. Rumours abound that the next phase of project  ‘Join-In’ will be launched at this years NEC, Birmingham, UK, International l Motorcycle and Scooter Show – Nov 27 to Dec 6. Allegedly to be called Ride-Off. Get it, Get-On, Join-In, and Ride-Off.

See what you think. Check out Get-On here….

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