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Low Carbon Transport Strategy is it a Motorcycle Tragedy??

July 18, 2009
A Wind of Change is Blowing Through Transport

A Wind of Change is Blowing Through Transport

Birmingham, England – This week Britain’s Labour Party Government published another round of its ‘Building Britain’s Future’ strategy documentation focusing this time on Energy and Transport.

In an obvious attempt to hijack the Green agenda the UK Department of Transports ‘Low Carbon Transport: A Greener Future’ strategy paper is more akin to a Labour Party election manifesto than a outline plan for Britain’s future transport needs.

The document goes into fulsome detail on the need for UK citizens to adopt low carbon transport modes but little that is new or innovative is on offer. Indeed parts of the ‘strategy’ seem confused. In his forward Secretary of State for Transport, Lord Andrew Adonis says that “low carbon travel must be a genuine, viable and attractive option for businesses and ordinary citizens. It does not mean government dictating which particular mode of travel people should use”.

Yet parts of the document make it clear that motor vehicles, in particular cars, are to be price adjusted so as to acquire parity in running cost similar to the UK’s outrageously high public transport fares structure, with the door left open for future road tolling and charging regimes. To suggest that this is not ‘dictating’ to UK citizens on their transport mode choice is simple an affront.

But what of the scooter and motorcycle in Britain’s low carbon future you may ask. Well in the 117 page Strategy document our mode is mentioned just once and then to point out that only 00.05% of journeys are made using either a scooter or motorcycle. Once again, by the UK Labour Party at least, we appear to be marginalised as a mode. I can only hope that more far sighted politicians, in other political parties, have taken on board the part that scooters and motorcycles can play in a country in transit to a carbon free future. I await their Green Transport Strategies, sorry manifestos with interest.

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  1. March 10, 2010 4:08 am

    have you seen some of the electric bikes Sweden is developing? they look great

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