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Off Tarmac Rider’s Victory Forces National Park Backtrack

June 24, 2009
Off Tarmac Riders - Fighting Back

Off Tarmac Riders - Fighting Back

Leeds, England – ‘The right to roam’ England’s green and pleasant land was the mantra of Britain’s countryside access groups during the closing decade of the last century. The passing of the two key UK Government legislative acts, the 2000 Countryside and Rights of Way Act and the 2006 Natural Environment and Communities Act, did indeed turn the English countryside into the access nirvana that the access campaigners had hoped for. Yet in a typically English Orwellian twist all countryside roamers are not equal as the legislation effectively banned those choosing to enjoy England’s ancient tarmac free byroads, green lanes, by motorcycle from doing so.

Considered a strange minority by some and an affront to the environment by others it is beloved that less than 5,000 riders currently exercise their fast diminishing legal rights to enjoy the countryside of England and Wales on tarmac free back roads.

Now a small group of off tarmac activist riders, supported by the UK Land Access and Recreation Association champions of off tarmac riding and sport in the UK, have won a significant victory over the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA). In obtaining a court judgement overturning Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO’s) needed by YDNPA to ban motorcycles from certain key routes in the Yorkshire Dales National Park the activists have not only safeguarded the present and future interests of off tarmac riders in Yorkshire but have set a precedent in law widely applicable to the making of TRO’s in others areas of England and Wales.

The fight back of the UK’s legal off tarmac rider’s has begun!!

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