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In Search of the Stylish Biker

June 20, 2009
Brando in the 'Wild One'- Style with guile

Brando in the 'Wild One'- Style with guile

London, England – Stylish: having elegance or taste of refinement in dress. So where have all the stylish bikers gone? Is it just me or has the idea of stylish dressing while riding simple dropped off the radar of British motorcyclists.

I’m talking subjective judgment here its two piece leather or at a pinch two piece fabric for me. Now I’m not talking the leather worn by the lovers of bikes made in York, Pennsylvania e.g. large back patches, chains, tassels etc the type of people who confuse Skegness UK with Santa Barbra CA, trust me they are not the same. No I’m talking black well cut and styled leather jackets and pants with good high boots to match. OK I’ll allow a chain but nothing ostentatious.

Accuse me of spending too much time watching fifties and sixties biker films if you must but all the guys and girls looked pretty cool down at the Ace Café in the 1964 classic “The Leather Boys”, ok that ones more about relationships than bikes but the clothing is pretty dam cool.

So what’s going here? Well I guess it’s the image we are being sold. Big emphasis on sportbike sales in the UK leads to preponderance of one piece quasi race leathers being sold to riders squeezing on to R1’s etc. Leads to hordes of middle aged guys stumbling around British coastal resorts looking like their arses have dropped; yes your bum does look gigantic in that. Not to mention that everything that female bikers can find that fits is pink. Why??

British bikers need an urgent style transplant we deserve better than we are getting and my candidate for the donor is Italy. They have bike mags there that feature adverts by Gucci, and Armani and models like the Beckhams. Even the more affordable stuff looks like it was designed by someone who understands how to style bike clothing not just cut it. Ok so not everyone wants to dress like Morpheus in the Matrix but at least it’s stylish and those big leather coats make you look pounds smaller especially around the arse.

And the good news is that Belstaff have been brought by the Italians but always remember – Never wear anything that panics the cat!!

© Back Roads Rider 2009

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